Mendoza, Argentina
This is the greenest city that I have ever seen. Because of the really hot summers all the streets are lined with huge trees and a canal system. Particulary on hot days the water in the canals evaporates and it is keept in the streets by the shady leaf canopy. With this simple measures the people of Mendoza created a bearable humid and shady climate that makes the daily work life during summer possible. You can find many beautiful houses built in the colonial style but you
don´t need more than one or two days for the city centre. Mendoza is famous in the whole world especially for its fantastic vines.
Urban Structures, Argentina
On my way from Sao Paulo to Chile I had the chance to see several argentinian cities from above. 

Most of them are organized in square blocks but the outline of each city is different. 

The different cities are connected by long and very straight roads which seem to cut the landscape. The whole landscape which is human made is organized in geometrical forms. I really enjoyed observing it!
A Strange(rs) Home, Argentina

This series has definetly no typical architectural value. After a long day of driving through nowhere in the South of Argentina we arrived in a small town of 20 houses which was the biggest city for hundreds of kilometers.

There was no mobile phone signal and the only hotel was booked out. We couldn´t sleep in our car or a tent because it was far too windy and cold. Our only option ( we felt very uncomfortable) was to follow the offer of a strange man to sleep in his house. It was full of curiosities, collections of dayly stuff. The next morning I had to ask him if I could take some photos as reminders of this unforgettable night.

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