A modern traditional house, Bregenzerwald, Austria 


The young architect Georg Bechter has renovated and retored this traditional house in the Bregenzerwald. From the outside the house looks quite typical. It is covered with the typical shingles and towards the valey it has a huge glass-wood facade. Inside Bechter has created a modern, open space that embraces the beautiful landscape of the Bregenzerwald via the big glass front that can be opened.

Wood Workshop, Hittisau, Austria

This Wood Workshop is a great example for the importance of good craft in the Bregenzerwald. They work only with local wood and know everything about it. The high quality products are all handmade and wonderful works of art. Since seenig how respectfull they work with the material, you do not want to buy anything of less good quality.

Werkraum, Andelsbuch, Austria

In the region of the Bregenzerwald you can find a lot of high-quality design and architecture and also many good designers, architects, artists and of course good craftsmen.

The Werkraum is a platform for all these work groups, where they can meet, communicate and issue their products. In 2008 the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor has designed a representative building for the society of Werkraum as well as the public.

Islamic Cemetery, Altach, Austria


The area of of the cemetery looks like a hand with five fingers, which are defined by wall segments in different hights. You enter this complex from the south into the headbuilding, where you have several halls. Through the main facade you can get a first glimps through a wooden structure into the headbuilding of the cemetery.

The main material is red coloured concrete - a really beautiful contrast with the surrounding landscape.

Rauch Residence, Schlins, Austria


Mud is a natural material which can be found everywhere in the ground in Austria.

Mr Rauch has developed a special building technique using mud which can also be used in Austria where it has lots of snow and rain.  The Rauch Residence was one of his first buildings, built between 2005 and 2008. It looks still very good. Since then he has realised several projects, like the Ricola Herb Center in cooperation with the architects Herzog De Meuron. 

Bregenz, Austria


The Austrian city is the capital of the state Vorarlberg and situated at the eastern end of the lake constance, next to the border to Germany.
Bregenz has only 28.500 inhabitants, but therefore it has a lot of culture.
Besides the famous music festival "Bregenzer Festspiele", there are also several museums, art galleries and theaters. And of course you can find a lot of good architecture there.

Kunsthalle Bregenz, Austria

A museum, planned for art expositions and the human beeing.The architect Peter Zumthor (Switzerland) has used the materials glass, steal, stone and concrete. The character of the fassade is designed with translucent glass panels.From the outside, the building seems to be like a luminous element.


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