Uyuni, Bolivia
After 3 days of desert in a hight between 4000 and 5000 meters above sea level without any connection to the world outside I was really looking forward to the civilisacion of the biggest city in an area of hundreds of kilometers. When we entered the city by car I coulden't stop watching. It was so different compared to the cities of Chile. Most of the streets weren't paved, the new houses are constructed of a sceletten of concret,  filled with bricks and just left - no unnecassary finishing of the facades. Because of the wide and flat desert the city covers an incredible huge surface and the houses are not higher than two floors. This city and the people woke my interest to get to know more of Bolivia.
City in the desert, Bolivia
After hours of driving through the stormy bolivian desert we stopped in a small village in the middle of nowhere. The air was dusty and everything was covered with sand. The streets were empty and I didn' t even spot a dog. The only shop was closed and we had to call and wait for a long while until someone appeared. It was a very strange and depressing atmosphere so far from anything.The only local buildingmaterial is loam. They used to use it in form of bricks and the roofs are covered with grass. For their new buildings they use concret skelettans filled with bricks, that are very economic but don´t fit very well into the landscape.

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