Nancy, France


The lovely centre of Nancy has several buildings from the middle - and the modern age.

Place Stanislas, Place d´Alliance and the Place de la Carrière are worth a visit; you can find them on the UNESCO list of World cultural heritages. 

These squares are designed by the architect Emmanuel Héré in the style of french king´s squares. The style of the facades is unifomed as a symbol of the central monarch.

Centre Pompidou Metz, France


Three Galleries are crossing and swapping in different heights. In the centre of the building is a 77m high pylon as an hommage to the first Centre Pompidou (1977). The whole construction is out of wood; the walls and the roof are white.

The architects Shigeru Ban & Jean de Gastines have designed the roof remembering of a chinese hat.

Normandie, France

This beautiful region in the North of France is not that famous for it´s architecture. But it is worth a visit anyway. While traveling through it you can discover very good architectural examples. Those old french farm houses sometimes seem to belong to the landscape as if they had been there always.
In le Havre, a city nearby the Atlantic, there are also very nice architectural works. For example the cultural centre of the city, designed by Oscar Niemeyer and a church out of concrete, a masterpiece from Auguste Perret.


Les églises de la Normandie, France

During the two weeks, that I have spent in the Normandy, I´ve viseted so many wonderful churches, cathedrals and chapels.

Many of them were built in the gothic style with very high naves and absolutely exact details.

There was also one modern church out of concrete in Le Havre. In it´s interior there was an unexpecting colourful light that made it as gracefully as the old gothic ones.

Saint Tropez & Grimaud, France
These are two beautiful towns at the Côte d´Azur. Grimaud is a little place near famous St. Tropez. Already the artists Matisse, Bonnard and Marquet went there to paint because of the special light.
There is no special or iconic architecture, but the colorful houses, the narrow streets and the mediterranean light fit perfectly together and create a wonderful atmosphere.
Lagrasse, France
Notre-Dame-du-Haut, France
This modern church of pilgrimage was designed by Le Corbusier between 1953 and 1955. The design is very sculptural and not as straight and geometric as the other buildings from Le Corbusier. The magical light and colours in the interior are the results of a very thick wall, the aperture, that is formed like a funnel and the small colourful windwos.

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