Foundation Feuerle, 

Berlin, Germany 

This old bunker built for the 2nd WW was fantastically renovated by the british Architect John Pawson.

Today the raw structure hosts an incredible collection of chinese and south-east Asian art.

The atmosphere created by the contrast between the brutal rough architecture and the delicate fine art is absolutely breathtaking. It let´s you forget space and time!

Surfaces and Textures, Berlin, Germany 

Diversity and tolerance - all over the world Berlin is famous for these two characteristics. Not only the diversity of people, races, cultures but also diversity in architecture, fashion and design. This series will show you different facades of different styles of architecture that also represent the different political epochs of Germany and especially Berlin. On our walks through Berlin I captured these images not considering the prominence of Architecture.

Igloo - a house made of snow, Grasgehren, Germany 


Last winter I spent 3 days with the Institute of  Building Material Teaching, Building Physics, Building Technology and Design of the University of Stuttgart in the german mountains to experiment with the great building material snow and its´characteristics.

During these 72 hours we spent every single moment in the cold snow and even slept two nights in the Igloos that we built  the first day. It was very interesting to learn how much the climate conditions, the place and the surrounding have an influence on the quality of the snow. This material has many qulities like a good insulation, it is translucent and it doesn´t need any supporting structure or any adhesives.

Munich, Germany


Munich is a wonderful city that attracts in many ways. Not only because of soccer and the Oktoberfest, but also because of it's great architecture.
After the second WW many destroyed buildings were restored, so the city has a beautiful old town today. Furthermore famous contemporary architects like Herzog De Meuron, Coop Himmelb(l)au, and Stefan Braunfels have made buildings of urban significance. I really loved spending a lot of time in the Museums Quarter next to the L.M. University.

Vitra, Weil am Rhein, Germany


After a fire had destroyed most of the manufacturing plan in 1981, the managing director Rolf Fehlbaum took the chance and developed together with the architect Nicholas Grimshaw a new masterplan for the whole Campus. 

Until today many of the elite architects have built their design on the Vitra Campus.

Weissenhofsiedlung, Stuttgart, Germany


This no comparable significant housing estate was built in 1927 for exhibition.

It was an international showcase for modern architecture. 

The twenty-one ( only 11 survived the 2nd WW ) buildings were designed by seventeen architects. 

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was the head of the project. 

The elite of this time has designed and worked at this project and avowaled for the modern style.

Berlin, Germany


The capital of Germany, a beautiful city with many faces and a lot of good, impressing architecture. It is a centre of attraction not only for politics, but also for start-up companies, creative minds, the scientists and the media.
Most of the great architects have already built, worked or lived in Berlin. If you are interested in modern architecture you are going to find more than one good example there.
To name just a few: Französischer Dom (1780-85, by Cayart), Altes Museum (1825-30, by Karl Friedrich Schinkel), Neue National Gallerie (1968, by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe), Jüdisches Museum Berlin (2007, by Daniel Liebeskind).​

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