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London, Great Britain
There´s obviously not much to say. 
The capital of England. Home of the Queen. Centre of art, fashion, architecture, music and much more.
London is probably one of the most inspiring, diversed and multicultural cities, that i´ve been too. Each borough has it´s own character with a special atmosphere and every time you will visit this great and beautiful city, you are going explore the same place and get it to know in a new way. 

Scottland, Great Britain
This part of the biggest island of Europe is very famous for the bagpipe, the kilt, the beautiful Highlands and of course the Scottish whisky.
If you think about their architecture, you may have some image of an ugly seaport, suburban rowhouses or of big mansions and castles. But do you think of modern architecture? Maybe not.
But there is and it is quite good. 
York, Great Britain
What is the construction material, of which you think first, when you think about Great Britain? Bricks! 
The city of York is one of the most beautiful cities in England. And if you want to see traditional and modern buildings out of brick, you´re right there!
And did you know, that right by the romantic city centre is the second biggest gothic cathedral is there?

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