Napoli Old Town, Italy


Naples - a city known for its density of history, culture, traditions, crafts and art. 

But next to a very traditional lifestyle oriented on the rules of the Catholic Church, there are new influences, the will to create, to make a future and free the city from all the negative headlines written in the news.

There is a heartbeat in Naples that you can feel walking through the little lanes, experiencing the vital spirit of the people and their culture.

It is a vibrant and very inspiring city that has the will to create.

These photos are more about the atmosphere of the city than about the architecture.

Teora, Italy


This little contemplative town in southern Italy is located on a hill overviewing the picturesque landscape. In 1980 most of the historical and temporary buildings were destroyed by a terrible earthquake. Giorgio Grassi designed a church and below several housing blocks which are arranged parallel facing towards the valley. All the buildings were realized in the simple and rationalist language of Grassi of punctuated facades with square shaped windows and absolute absence of ornaments.

Bassano del Grappa, Italy


The pituresque city is located in the North of Italy at the southern foot of the Alps. For me it seemed like it is the first typical italian city after the Alps where you only find houses in the alpine style. In Bassano del Grappa a wooden bridge designed by Andrea Palladio leads you into the wonderful historic city centre. There you can follow wonderful little streets that lead you from one square to another and from one bar or cafe to the next.

Bergamo, Italy


This younger part of the city (città Bassa) hosts many commercial offices, bars and restaurants. In between you discover beautiful squares with fountains and old buildings like the Viale Roma, the Puerta Nuova or the Torre dei Caduti. All in all this city represents the typical italian flair.

Bergamo old town, Italy


The old city Bergamo (città Alta) was founded up on a hill and is still completly surrounded by a townwall from the 16th century. You can climb the hill or take an elevator from the new city centre at the bottom of the hill all the way up. This historic centre is very well preserved and hosts beautiful sights in a fantastic atmosphere. The highlights are the dome with wonderful ceiling frescos, the Capella Colleoni, the Piazza Vecchia and the townhall with the Palazzao della Ragione.

Lago d´Iseo, Italy


This beautiful lake in northern Italy is located in the region Lombardy. In summer 2016 the artist Christo made an installation of orange peers that were connecting different islands in the lake. I visited this region in 2015 and was just amazed by the beautiful Italian villages and towns and their very authentic charme. Touristy shops, cafes and bars are quite rare.

Winery Antinori del Chianti, Italy


Antinori is an Italian winery with vineyards all over the world and very fine wines. With their winery in the hills before the gates of Firenze the company wants to present their return into nature and the importance of nature for their bussines. The building was stucked into the vineyards. At some cuts the architecture appears with a facade of corten steel and glass facades.

Volterra, Italy


50 km in the inland of the Tuscany, up on a hill you can spot the small city Volterra. The Medici Family lived in this town and influenced the architecture with their great residences. Today the family palace is used as a prison. Other parts of the city centre are architectonical witnesses of the Middle Ages. Today most ancient houses in the small streets are hosting shops for tourists.

Siena, Italy


This mideval town is famous for its fantastic architectural and urban centre - the Piazza del Campo. It is a slightly descending square out of its famous red brick and is lined by medieval very beautiful buildings. The gothic dome of Siena is built in black and white marble and constructed as a three-aisled Basilica. Beside these two most important sights you can visit many more churches, enjoy wandering through the little streets or just spend the day sitting in the Piazza del Campo and watching the local people as well as visiting tourists.

Florence, Italy


As you may know - this city is one of the most important centres of built architectural history in the world. Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, Donatello and many more grandmasters had been working and living in this city. At every corner you can find palazzos, skulptures, churches and cathedrals. Probably the most impressing one is its great urban structure and how perfectly the individual building structures are fitting together. Wandering through this perfect urban setting is an unique experience.

San Gimignano, Italy


This wonderful typical Italian town is located in the hills of tuscany between Siena and Firenze. Already from far away you can make out the fifteen noble towers which are the reason for the gorgeous skyline of this old town. The town centre was built in the medieval and you can find great architectural examples of the romanesque and gothic epoques. Since 1990 San Gimigiano is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

EXPO 2015, Milan


The current Universal Exposition EXPO 2015 is hosted by Milan, Italy. Beside the architecture exposition, the theme „Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life“ is the big issue.

Over 140 countries and several organisations have a pavillion on the EXPO site.

Verona, Italy
The beautiful city of Romeo and Juliet has many more beautiful spots besides the world-famous balcony. In the city center there is a great Amphietheater, la Arena from the roman times, the perfect place to enjoy the performance of Italian operas in warm summernights. The Piazza delle Erbe is framed by gorgeous ancient buildings and amongst them the Torre dei Lamberti, creating an unique sphere of an urban space. When wandering through this city you will discover ruins and ancient architecture at every corner and every square.
Rome, Italy
....I think there´s not much to say. If you are interested in architecture and haven´t been to Rome yet, you really, really have to go!!! All great men like Bramante, Raffael, Michelangelo, Bernini, Borromini, etc - and also modern architects have worked and built there. It is a wonderful city, full of history and the Italian charm.
Venezia, Italy
Venice, also called the "city of water", is the only city in the world that is built on pilars in the sea. For this reason year after year it attracts myriad tourists crowding its streets and bridges. Many ancient buildings border the bewildering network of channels, where only bridges connect different neighbourhoods. Although most of these beautiful buildings are on the brink of dilapidation they are still stunning like old ladies, telling stories from other times, firing one's imagination with their fascinating scenery.
Vicenza, Italy
This is one of my favourite Italian cities, so that I visited it twice in one year. The centre of Vicence is full of buildings from Andrea Palladio which were realised in a unique arcitectural perfection which is impossible to recreate nowadays. The proportions his buildings were complex determined, the incidence of light and shodow creates a fantastic effect and the materials used as well as the building structure itself are so good that neither chemical adhesives nor industrial inventions are necessary for their maintenance. 

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