Casablanca, Morocco

This city is the industrial center of Morokko and you can feel the industrial atmosphere. After visiting all the royal cities and Marrakech, I was quite disappointed. 

The Hasan - 11 - Mosque is very famous and the main attraction in Casablanca. From the outside it is very impressing and monumental, from the inside it is giant, but a little bit rough. I missed the perfect floral ornaments, which are typical for the islamic style.

The Fact that they can open the whole roof (like an open air Mosque) fascinated me deeply.


Volubilis - Meknès, Morocco

These Roman and Berber ruins have their origins in the 3rd century BC.

The site is now very well preserved and it´s famous for the wonderful Mosaics on the floors. 

Even if you are not interested in this archeological site, you can admire the great choice of this genius loci in the roman time. You have got a great view and the perfect location for an old roman city.

In 1997 it was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The modern Entrance building by KILO Architecture was built in 2011.

Fès, Morocco

It´s not only the oldest of the royal cities, in Fès is also the oldest University on Earth - the University of Al Qarawiyin, founded in 859.

The very famous Medina with its many alleys, where you are lost if you are not local and the tenner quarter with its´ bad smell (in summer) is a must do for every tourist.

Unfortunately it is prohibited to enter the Royal Palace or even take a photo of the facade or anything.

If you go up to the Tombeaux Des Mérinides, you´ve got a great view over the Medina and it´s many tiny houses.

Kasbah - a typical moroccan home, Morocco

It is a citadel in the regions of North Africa. In a Kasbah lived one family with ca. 20 persons. The 80 - 120 cm thick walls built out of mud, straw and sand, protected the family from animals, attackers and the heat in summer. 

These materials are very healthy and are the reason for a very good indoor climate.

But if they do not always renovate and renew, the Kasbah, it will return to dust.

Vernacular Architecture, Morocco

This way of building is perfectly adapted to the local needs, the local traditions and the climate.

This vernacular material is mud in Morocco. It is one of the oldest building materials of the humanity and one third of the population on earth is still living houses out of mud.

You can find it everywhere and it fulfils your needs like no other material. Beside the technical aspects, these mud houses fit perfectly into the landscape. It seems like the Architecture mergers with the landscape.

Marrakech, Morocco

If you don´t have much time, pause on the roof terrace of the Café du France and observe the scene on the square. It will take hours until you have seen everything between the jugglers, sellers, snake charmers, doctors, tourists, locals and horse drawn carriages. There you can feel the magic, the character and the mentality of this city.

I think in this city it is not much about the architecture as we know it, it´s more about atmosphere and how it works without spending much money on sth.

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