Soweto, South Africa

It means „South Western Townships“and is located in the southwest of Johannesburg. Today it is a part of the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality. This little „Town“ is famous because it is the hometown of Nelson Mandela.

Most of the houses are little four-room houses, given by the government to the `black workers´ during the apartheid. This was the time of the separation between `black´and `white´people against which Nelson Mandela has fought.

Johannesburg & Pretoria, South Africa

With 4.4 million inhabitans Johannesburg is the largest city in southern Africa.


Pretoria is the capital of South Africa and long and important history. In this history the Union Buildings, designed by Sir Herbert Baker and built 1910 to 1913, is quite important.

In this building Nelson Mandela was sworn in as the first `black´ President of the Republic South Africa in 1994.

Cape Town, South Africa

The city is named after the Cape of Good Hope that is in the south of the city.

Cape Town has a very European flair, not only because it was the most important harbor during the time when it was a Dutch Colony for 150 years.

Today it is still very much visited by European tourists. When you are the, enjoy the view from the Tablemountain over the bay, have a look at Robben Island and walk along the Alfred & Victoria Waterfront.

Stellenbosch, South Africa

It is much smaller than Cape Town but  it has wonderful roads lined with old trees and beautiful houses in the Cape Dutch Style.

Most of them are painted white and their windows have glazing bars. In between you can find some modern buildings with fancy bars, designer cafés, fashion boutiques and old restaurants. It is really picturesque!

Garden Route, South Africa

This is called the region along the south coast of South Africa.

The area is spread between Mossel Bay and the most eastern city Port Elizabeth. It is famous for its landscape and the wild nature, but I also found some architectural impressions.

Township Capetown,
South Africa

In these neighborhoods live incredible poor people, who are often sick, don´t have much to eat and often have many kids. It really hurts how poor they are and most of them are still very warm.

Their cabins are built out of waste and what they found. I think this photo says a lot about how talented they are building a home out of nothing. 



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